develop faster.
  • Looking for a PHP data grid with the features of ASP.NET data grids?
  • Need a flexible PHP data grid that can handle 300,000 records with ease?
  • Does your application require an Ajax-enabled PHP data grid that supports features such as fixed columns, grouping and master-detail view?

If you're asking any one of these questions, you've come to the right place.

PlatinumGrid is a powerful, completely Ajax-enabled, feature-packed PHP data grid, with features such as fixed columns, grouping, master-detail view, draggable selections and complete export capabilities. With over 100 properties, 7 different column types, complete Ajax support, export into PDF, XLS and CSV, PlatinumGrid offers maximum flexibility enabling it to fulfill the unique needs of almost any PHP application.

PlatinumGrid.....The power of PHP in a grid.