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PlatinumGrid is in every sense of the word, feature-packed. We have strived to provide the developer with the features and flexibility that they would require for any project.

We've taken great care to ensure that any PHP application or framework can use the grid. To use the grid, the application will only have to create the grid, initialize its properties, call its initialize method, and then, at page rendering, dump the grid via the dumpContents method.

For users of HTML5 Builder or RadPHP and the RPCL, the grid integrates directly into the IDE, allowing you to drag and drop the grid on to the page in the design-time view. It also has full support for the RPCL data access layers.

In the list below, we've briefly summarized the main features of the grid, by no means all of the features - there are too many to list here!

DemoAjax Support

PlatinumGrid has complete Ajax support that is not tied to any particular Ajax framework or library, so you are free to choose the library of your choice - you can even implement the Ajax calls yourself.

To provide this flexibility, PlatinumGrid provides a method that Ajax requests can call to retrieve the grid's state in an Ajax-friendly format.

Browser Compatibility
Supported browsers:
  • Chrome 1.x +
  • FireFox 3.x +
  • Internet Explorer 5.x +
  • Opera 10.x +
  • Safari 4.x +
Column Types
  • Boolean
  • Command
  • Custom
  • Date/Time
  • Image
  • Memo
  • Text

There are 7 different column types in PlatinumGrid to support any kind of data that you need to display.

Fixed Columns
PlatinumGrid columns can be locked or fixed, so that they do not scroll horizontally with the rest of the grid. This allows the user to see the contents of that column at all times.

Integrated Column Filtering
Support for simple and advanced column filtering is completely integrated into PlatinumGrid. Advanced filtering allows the user to choose filtering operator applied on each column value to limit the resultset that is presented.

Database Access

Supported engines:
MySQL®, SQL Server®, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and many more

Access libraries shipped:

PlatinumGrid can integrate with any relational database engine. When used in a PHP application that does not use the RPCL library, PlatinumGrid communicates with the application's database via a data access layer. For RPCL applications, PlatinumGrid integrates directly into the RPCL database layer.

We've included a set of abstraction classes for MySQL, ADOdb and PDO. These 3 data access layers provide comprehensive coverage of all major database engines, and ensure that PlatinumGrid has built-in support for whatever data storage system your application uses.

If your application uses a database engine that is not supported by any of the above 3 data access layers, you can write a custom data access layer, for your application, that connects PlatinumGrid to your application's database.

Demo Cell/Row Selection

Cell and row selection:
Unlike many web grid controls, PlatinumGrid supports both cell and row selection. This provides the developer with maximum flexibility to choose the selection type most suitable to the application.

Draggable selection:
Another unique feature is the draggable selection rectangle which allows the user to select multiple cells or rows using an intuitive partially transparent selection rectangle.

Demo Export
Supported export formats:
  • CSV
  • PDF
  • XLS

PlatinumGrid has built-in support for exporting the grid contents to CSV, XLS or PDF files. The grid can also automatically send the exported contents directly to the browser as a download, or save the export to a file on the server disk.

Demo Hierarchial Data Display

PlatinumGrid supports the display of data in tree form, where records have a parent-child relationship via a parent record field. The tree has complete expand/collapse abilities, to enhance the user experience.

Demo Master/Detail

With this feature, you can present an integrated detail relationship for the currently expanded row. This grid embeds a separate PlatinumGrid instance, that is connected to the detail dataset, to show the detail view for the currently expanded row. The embedded grid loses none of its capabilities by being embedded, but can offer sorting, filtering etc. operations to enhance the user experience.

Demo Performance

PlatinumGrid is a hybrid server/client grid, performing data queries on the server-side and visual manipulations on the client-side. The data queries are performed on the server so that the power of relational database engines can be used to efficiently return results as fast as possible. The visual manipulations are performed on the client, so that the user sees the results in real-time, without having to wait for a server call to complete.

Demo Row Styles

Row styles are provided so that row color and font can be customized, based on a particular application's needs. There are 3 built-in row styles: Selected Row, Odd Row and Even Row. Additionally, you can create row styles that customize a row's look based on the value of a particular column. For example, if the Total column shows a value less than 0, you can set the row font to red.


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